Aims & Ethos

All children attending our setting have the right to learn and develop to their full potential, in a stimulating environment in which they feel safe, secure and happy. They develop best when they have free access to a stimulating environment both inside and outside where they can learn through play and real experiences. They have a right to expect all the adults in our setting to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and to provide an environment in which all their learning and development needs are met. We want all the children to be valued for who they are and for what they can achieve.

Our staff place the greatness emphasis upon supporting children’s emotional development. In a small setting such as ours, all our staff really get to know each child and their family. We work hard to form close, loving and trusting relationships with the children to enable them to feel secure, allowing them to develop in confidence, self-esteem and a positive sense of well-being. We work in partnership with parents, as they are the most important people in their child’s life, engaging them in their children’s learning and development. Key workers help parents share what they know about their children and keep them informed about their child’s progress and achievements.

Play is the most important activity for our young children. Play is how children grow and develop by building upon their first-hand experiences. Our children can play freely both outside and inside in spaces which support and stimulate their learning. They are supported by experienced staff who have a sound understanding of how children learn and develop.

Our staff demonstrate high expectations of children and have a positive and enthusiastic attitude helping to enthuse, engage and motivate the children.

Esklets actively promotes the fundamental values of democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs. We interpret this with regard to the age of our very young children, as meaning that the children learn right from wrong, learn to take turns and share, to respect others and value the thoughts and opinions of others.


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