The parent management committee at Esklets

Esklets preschool is a registered charity and as such is governed by a committee of trustees.

All parents of children attending the group are eligible to be members of the committee. As the group is a charity it is required to be run in accordance with a charitable constitution which requires the formation of a parent committee who are, in effect, the trustees of the group.

The committee is responsible for the following:

  • Providing accommodation
  • Providing equipment
  • Employment and appraisal of staff
  • Reviewing policy and practice
  • Finance management
  • Health and safety
  • Fundraising

Regular committee meetings are held to which are parents are welcome.

Your support is both welcome and valued. It must be stressed that without parents attending committee meetings the group would not exist. We depend upon ALL parents to attend committee meetings wherever possible. Although we receive some funding from the government we are not a school nursery, we are a voluntary organisation which is dependent upon the support of parents and carers, so please try to become involved.

A list of committee members is available at Esklets but the Chair is Mrs Anna Watson who is also the committee member responsible for safeguarding.