Esklets DECEMBER Newsletter
• Term Dates – Last day of Autumn term is Friday 21st December and we return on Tuesday 8th January 2019. All term dates are on our website and posted in the hall.
• Staff training days – as we follow the local schools, Esklets will be closed on Friday 30th November and Monday 3rd December. These are usually spread throughout the year but this year are in the Autumn term. The Government funding covers 38 weeks but the academic year is spread over 39 weeks minus the 5 teacher training days.
After our recent committee meeting, we are pleased to announce 2 new initiatives.
1)PLACES FOR CHILDREN FROM 18MONTHS OF AGE – we can now offer sessions for children from the age of 18months. The charge will be £4.50 per hour.
2)HOLIDAY CLUB – we are planning to hold holiday clubs in the Easter and Summer holidays. These will be for children under school age. However, we work co-operatively with 3 local childminders who can offer holiday care to older children. Please discuss with staff if you may be interested as we need to assess demand in order to plan exactly what we can provide. We will be creating an online survey as soon as possible. If you have any skills in such surveys please see staff.

• CHRISTMAS PARTY – to be held at Eskets on Friday 21st December from 9 till 12am. Details later.