Welcoming all children at Esklets

We are committed to providing caring and nurturing for all children at Esklets. We have a very experienced staff who can meet the diverse needs of children. Our staff will observe your child’s individual needs and plan a curriculum to meet their developmental needs as well as promoting their inclusion as a valued member of our setting. We have undertaken specific training in such things as Makaton and Autism. Staff regularly attend training provided by NYCC to keep up to date with current thinking. Our links with local schools also help when the time comes to transfer to school. For more information see our ‘Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality’ and ‘SEND’ policies. You can also obtain more information from the Local Offer at NYCC.  Our SENCO is Mrs Kate Smith (01287 669607).  She can be contacted for further details about our policy of inclusion and how Esklets can meet the needs of individual children.