In September we will be returning to a vastly improved learning environment.  We have had the back of our big shed converted into an Office/quiet room which is connected to the main classroom by a very short lobby.  This is a fantastic addition as it provides a dedicated area for staff to keep on top of the ever increasing mountain of paperwork that is involved in operating an early years setting.  It also provides a private area for staff to have confidential chats with parents and other professionals involved in the care of our children.  In addition part of the room creates a quiet area for children to enjoy stories, rest or have a short break from the noise of the main classroom.  Our thanks go to Sirius Minerals for the grant which made this all possible.  We would also like to thank all the staff, parents and friends who have supported our fundraising efforts including the fabulous ‘School disco and dinner’, the sponsored walk, the smartie tubes full of coins, Longest Thistle competition and our Easter Treasure hunt.  Thanks also go to Mark Watson for building the room and Ethan Hume for the electrical work they both worked very hard.  We would also like to thank Lillie’s caterers and Towbar Express for their contributions to the amount raised by the school disco.  Finally thanks to all the staff who have given up time in their summer holidays to paint the room and get everything ready for the new term.