Things you need to know!

Children’s Clothes

Many of our activities are messy and although aprons are worn clothes may get marked. Therefore please do not send children in ‘best clothes’ or clothes which may not be easily washed.


Parents are usually invited to accompany their children. These are a social event for everyone and provide the children with valuable experiences. Please try and join us. Any ideas for outings will be gratefully received.

Borrowing books

We operate a ‘library system’ by which children can take home a book from our book corner to share with an adult at home.

Stay and play/help

If  you have any special talents, such as playing an instrument, dancing, baking, or sewing, please tell us. We welcome any parent who wishes to stay and help during a session. An extra pair of hands is always welcome as an interested adult is the children’s greatest resource.

Junk materials

We always welcome any empty packaging, cards, shoe boxes, large boxes, yoghurt pots, fabric, corks, ribbons, wool, and any other things you think may interest the children. (Kitchen roll tubes rather than toilet roll tubes please).