September 2020 Newsletter –

Welcome back everyone

  • Term Dates – We return to Esklets on Monday 7th September. The full list of term dates is available on our website ( and also in the hall at Esklets.
  • Welcome back to Esklets – Hopefully things at Esklets should be more normal for the new term.  As of 20th July bubbles of up to 30 children are acceptable which means we will be able to operate as a single ‘bubble’ with no limit on the number of days a child can attend.  We all sincerely hope that our setting will contain more of the resources and activities which our children so enjoy.  We will keep you all updated about any changes.  Please encourage anyone you know who is thinking about enrolling their child at Esklets to get in touch (Kate 669607).
  • Settling back in – I have attached a copy of the measures we have to put in place to open in September.  Hopefully your child should notice little difference.  The government accepts that such young children cannot social distance and we do not try to keep them at a distance.  It is more about adults keeping a distance from each other.  We opened successfully in June and July and all the children attending were happy to be at Esklets.  We will work with each family to ensure the health and happiness of their child whilst attending Esklets.
  • Funding – Please remember to renew your 30 hour funding every 3 months. You should get a message reminding you.

As many childcare providers will already be aware, the government announced yesterday that working parents or carers who are eligible for Tax-Free Childcare or 30 hours free childcare, but have temporarily fallen below the minimum income requirement as a result of the pandemic, will continue to receive financial support until 31 October 2020. Also critical workers who may exceed the income threshold for the 2020 to 2021 tax year as a result of working more to play a vital role in tackling the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will continue to receive support this tax year.

  • Golden Ticket – As part of the “Grow and Learn” Pilot Project, NYCC will be trialling a county wide Golden Ticket letter approach to families who are eligible for two year old funding. All eligible families, including children in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, will be sent a Golden Ticket letter advising that their child will be eligible for up to 15 hours a week of two year old government funding. They will need to contact the early years provider directly and take their Golden Ticket letter, and child’s birth certificate, to access their 15 hour government funded place.
  • Facebook – check out the video tour of our setting on Facebook.  Many thanks to Katie for the hours and hours it took her to make this great video.
  • Free fundraising – please sign up to the Easyfundraising website. When you make some online purchases, many websites will donate a small percentage to Esklets.  You can install it on your toolbar and if you go onto a website for a company linked to Easyfundraising a reminder will pop up on screen telling you that this company will donate to Esklets.  Lots of well-known companies participate and it is money for no effort.  So far this year we have raised about £122.  If you need more details, please contact us.  We are also registering with AMAZON SMILE which gives money to charities when you make a purchase on Amazon.  Please use this to support Esklets.
  • Committee members wanted please help support our group by becoming a committee member. Every parent is welcome to join the committee and support the running of the group.  As a charity we need a committee who are also trustees of the charity.  We meet about 3 times a year and it is an excellent chance to get to know your fellow parents.  PLEASE JOIN US.
  • Info for parents – please find attached the information regarding our risk assessment and procedures for dealing with the virus and the council’s ‘Test and trace flowchart’