Esklets uses the secure online ‘Tapestry’ learning journal to record your child’s progress using digital photos, video and text. Staff record observations of your child and take photographs or, if appropriate, record short videos which are posted on the tapestry website. Parents are given authorisation to enable them to access the records of their own child and make their own contributions to help us build up a picture of how your child is progressing as they blossom and grow. The system also helps us assess more formally how children are progressing by linking the observations to the developmental stages and milestones of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

By using this system observations can be recorded instantly and parents can have access to them to add their own comments and also contribute their own stories of their child’s life outside Esklets. In this way we work together to build up a unique record of your child’s early years to treasure. For more information visit ‘tapestry.info