Welcoming children back to Esklets from September 2020


We have undertaken a risk assessment provided by NYCC and have put in place the following guidelines for parents and children attending Esklets Preschool to ensure the safety of all children, parents and staff.

  • Arrival/departure of children; We will operate our normal hours of 8.30 till 3.30 and children can be booked in to arrive at a specific time usually 8.30am or 9am. Parents can also book what time they will collect their child.  We do not have large numbers of children attending each day and are just asking that parents wait at a socially approved distance (2m) until it is their turn at the playground gate where a member of staff will receive their child and their belongings into the setting.  A second member of staff will then take their child into the classroom to wash their hands.  Please can all parents wait their turn at the gate when arriving to collect their child and their child will be brought out to them.  If weather wet then please press the doorbell button near the gate.  Our numbers in September are small similar to the bubbles in June/July and this system worked very well then with parents either waiting in their cars or keeping a distance from other families in the car park.
  • Settling in new or anxious children; Esklets staff will work with each family on an individual basis to settle in new or anxious children. These are very young children and we want them all to settle happily at Esklets so will allow a parent into the playground to settle their child if needed.  We hope that we will be outside for, the majority of, the time and that settling can take place outside.  We have also tried to make the large outside shed a welcoming place for children to settle in.  We will use the keyworker system to enable a staff member to work with the parent and child to build up confidence and settle the child.  We ask that parents try to observe a 1m social distance from staff and other children where possible.  We will work with parents to meet their children’s needs.  Parents will be asked to wash their hands or use sanitising gel on arrival in the setting.
  • Lunch boxes and belongings; Could children please bring their lunches in plastic tubs which we can clean upon arrival. We can accept tins of food to reheat as usual.  Children can bring bags with changes of clothes/nappies into the setting and these will be stored away from other children.  Coats or jackets can be hung on their pegs.
  • Clothing – please could children wear clean clothes every day wherever possible.
  • Social bubbles at Esklets; following Government guidance the number of children attending our setting means that they are all in one bubble together with our 3 members of staff.
  • Cleaning; Esklets has a risk assessment and operates a deeper clean than usual, especially at the end of each day. We also wash resources more frequently than normal. We have also removed some resources that are hard to clean.
  • Coronavirus symptoms – Any member of staff or child attending Esklets who is exhibiting symptoms of the virus should not attend Esklets. No-one should attend if someone in their household is exhibiting symptoms.  They should access a coronavirus test.  No-one who has tested positive within the last 7 days should attend even if they exhibit no symptoms.  See attached ‘Test and Trace in schools flowchart’.
  • Site user becomes unwell – if anyone becomes unwell with symptoms during a session, they will be sent home. Children awaiting collection will be kept isolated from the other children with a staff member.  We will follow our risk assessment to clean the room and inform the relevant people.  All other families present will be informed.  The test and trace flow chart will be followed.
  • Further guidance and information – can be obtained from the gov.uk/coronavirus website. Specific information on this website includes
  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms
  2. Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection
  • If you require further information, please call us or email on eskletspg@yahoo.co.uk.
  • Telephone Kate on 01287 669607.