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Safeguarding & Policies


Esklets has detailed safeguarding policies and procedures designed to protect your child (please see our policies below).

We have an ‘Online safety’ policy which covers use of mobile phones, cameras and social networking sites on the internet.

Children should always be dropped off and collected by an authorised adult.

We would ask you to always close all gates and doors on entering and leaving the setting. This is very important to maintain a secure environment. Please also close the metal gate across the road.

Passwords: If you have an emergency and neither yourself, nor your named representative, can collect your child, then you can phone the setting and inform us that a given person will collect your child and that they will know a password (a word chosen by yourself) which you will then tell us. Only someone with your approval would know the password.

Esklets works in partnership with adults and other agencies to safeguard the children attending our setting. For further information please visit North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.

The Designated Lead Practitioner for Safeguarding is Rachel Todd and the Committee member responsible for safeguarding is Katie Thompson.  To contact either ring 01287 660173 or email


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